Company Summary

Mt Malcolm Mines is managed by competent and experienced industry professionals with a strong background in mineral exploration and administration of mineral assets. Additionally, the company has professional associations with and access to some of the industry’s best corporate and mining resource consultants.

The projects and properties are in areas with a proven track history of exploration success and significant mining and production of gold and other minerals. The holdings are centred around the locale of Malcolm near Leonora WA. The company believes that its prospects offer excellent potential for the discovery of new economic mineral deposits and within the next (2) two years intends to:

  • Conduct regional geological mapping and geochemical sampling programs.
  • Carry out exploration drilling programs on generated target areas.
  • Undertake focused and systematic exploration and scientific research programs.
  • Aggressively seek exploration and development opportunities of other targets and quality projects that meet the Mt Malcolm Mines development objectives and where appropriate and if opportunities arise, examine the possibilities of joint ventures and other related business and commercial opportunities that will create value and wealth for all its shareholders.

The Mt Malcolm Gold Project has the potential to host economic gold mineralisation and opportunities exist to further enhance and build on the substantial exploration data assembled to date. The project represents a large-scale district gold play.

The *Exploration Target potential is estimated to be between 2.0 Mt and 3.0 Mt at grades ranging from 2.5 g/t to 3.7 g/t Au, however there are several prospect sized areas that individually have the potential to host a similar exploration target. Prospects such as Sunday-Picnic, Dumbartons-Dumbartons South and Calypso all have significant exploration target potential.

Secondly the KKTZ is a significant regional structural dislocation that can be traced over 400 km and is up to 5-8 km wide. The structure is a disjointed shear/fault riddled zone that hosts numerous gold and nickel mines dotted along its entire length. The megastructure, including associated splay faults, is regarded as a deep-seated mantle tapping structural lineation and a conduit for mineralised fluids. The entire structural feature and adjoining faulted areas are regarded as prospective for gold mineralisation.

*Note that an Exploration Target Estimate is only conceptual in nature as it is estimated without sufficient verifiable accurate data for a reliable resource estimate and so it cannot be assumed that all or any part of an Exploration Target Estimate will eventually be converted to a resource following further exploration.